Monday, September 27, 2004


I am an amateur investor in the Indian financial market space. I learnt a lot of market terms and fundas from this great site called It has information on the latest stock prices that are listed on the BSE and NSE, as well as many other sections regarding knowledge and trading of units of Mutual funds. It also has a great messageboard section where you can share your views with other fellow investors and also learn a lot from them. The insurance section provides information about the various types of insurance products available from multiple insurance companies in India. There are other sections related to debt and money, loans & credit and a planning desk, where you can plan your financial future. The section that I feel is best suited for me is the portfolio section, where I can add or delete stocks, mutual funds, assets and liabilities that belong to me and get to know my net worth at the click of a button. I can also add alerts to my portfolio, which sends me an email when a stock reaches a certain price that I have set, so I can take a decision whether to buy, sell or hold the stock. The news coverage of the Indian financial and political arena is complete with not only news but also views and analyses from various experts. Its an out and out, thorough and comprehensive site for all your financial needs and information in India.